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Use your spelling words to complete your weekly spelling contract.  Complete the “Must Do(s)”
assigned by the teacher. Then pick any combination of  “Free Choice” activities with your
spelling words. You need to get a total of 60 POINTS EACH UNIT.

You may only do an activity once each week. Please write neatly and always turn in your best work.  


Heading in your notebook for EACH ACTIVITY:

EXAMPLES: Lesson 3 Lesson 3 Lesson 3
#1 ABC Order #12 Definitions #23 Crossword Puzzle
10 Points 20 points 30 points

10-Point Activities:
  1. Put the words in alphabetical order.
  2. Put the words in reverse alphabetical order.
  3. Practice out loud with a parent.  (Parent signature is needed).
  4. Write each word 3 times.
  5. Write the words and circle all of the vowels.
  6. Write the words and box all of the consonants.
  7. Type each word on the computer.  Use spellcheck to proofread and edit your list.  
    Print a copy to turn in.
  8. Type the words on the computer using a different font for each word.  Be sure the
    font is legible and in English. ***Cannot do both 7 & 8 in the same week****
  9. Take a practice test at home.  Write any missed words 3 times.  Include a parent
signature on the test.
10. 1 Game on Spelling City. Write the name of the game you played and include a
parent or teacher signature.
You may only play one game per week.

20-point activities
  1. Complete one of the pages in the spelling book for the unit that we are on.  
  2. Look up each word in the dictionary.  Write the word and one definition.
  3. Write the word and its synonym (same meaning).
  4. Write the word and its antonym (opposite meaning).
  5. Classify each word by its part of speech. Organize them under headings: noun,
    pronoun, verb, adjective, or adverb (use a dictionary)
  6. Look up each word in the dictionary.  Write the spelling word and the two
    guidewords from the page on which it was found.
  7. Create “silly sentences” that use 3 or more words each.  Sentences can be
    goofy, but must make sense grammatically.
  8. Make each word a scrambled word.
  9. Divide each word into syllables (use a dictionary).
  10. Create a “Scrabble” style grid with all 20 words (get graph paper from teacher).

30-point activities
  1. Make a crossword and write in the correct answers.
    (www.puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com). It will be called a “Crisscross.”
  2. Make a word search and solve it. (www.puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com)
  3. Write a short story or paragraph using all of the words.
  4. NEATLY draw a picture or symbol for each word.  Write the word near or in the picture.
  5. Print each word.  Write what YOU think the definition is and write it down.  
    Next, look it up in a dictionary. If you are correct, put a * next to the word.  
If not, record the dictionary definition. (This activity should be organized in 3 columns
with the headings:  Word, My Definition, Dictionary Definition)

  1. Complete all the pages in the spelling packet for the unit that we are on.  
??? Points
  1. OTHER:  Have you come up with another AWESOME way to study spelling words?  
    Ask the teacher to approve it!

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